Thank you for your interest in our property management services!

American West Realty manages single family homes, duplexes, condos, townhomes, apartments, commercial facilities, and even Homeowner Associations (HOA). Take a look at the information below or visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to learn more about our company services.

  • Market analysis and consultation to maximize rent rate
  • Oversee cleaning and repairs prior to marketing
  • Photographs and video of your home to document condition prior to tenancy
  • Marketing videos
  • Online marketing with our leading-edge web site, syndicated to over 40 other web sites
  • Professional “For Rent” signage
  • Accompanied showings
  • Online rental applications
  • Tenant screening, including credit check, criminal background check, income and rental history verification
  • Electronic lease signing
  • Online rent payments
  • Periodic drive by inspections
  • 24 hour emergency maintenance services
  • Coordinate and supervise maintenance with no markups
  • Vacant property monitoring
  • Lease enforcement
  • Rent collections
  • Direct deposit Owner payments and online Owner statements
  • 24 / 7 Access to your financials, invoices and maintenance records through our online owner portal
  • Video move-out inspection to reduce Tenant disputes
  • Oversee make-ready cleaning and improvements
  • Security deposit disposition and refund of deposit
  • …and much more!
Did you know more searches are conducted on a mobile device than a PC or laptop? Our web site uses the latest technology to ensure mobile compatibility, increasing exposure to the target market. Today’s generation doesn’t look at print media often, so we don’t advertise in newspapers except on rare occasions. By publishing through our web site, your listing is syndicated to over 40 web sites and social media. All advertisements point back to our website to convert the lead into an applicant.

American West Realty strictly adheres to Fair Housing law and does not discriminate against any protected class. Asking us to violate Fair Housing is grounds for termination.

Our screening criteria is stricter than most, resulting in a low rate delinquency, reduced damages at move-out, and an above-average rate of security deposit refunds after move-out. This is a clear indication of well-qualified Tenants. We use an objective scoring system based on rental history, employment / income history, credit and criminal history, identity verification, and references. Read our Rental Policy for more information.

Rent is always due on the 1st day of the month. We allow Tenants to pay online with Direct Deposit or in the office using personal checks, money orders, or cashier’s checks. Over 50% of our Tenants currently pay online.

We provide an online maintenance tracking system that is shared with our staff, Tenants, and Owners. All maintenance requests are submitted in writing through the Tenant Portal. We review the request, collect additional information from the Tenant, and then assign the vendor to complete the work. If the job is estimated to exceed the limit established in your management agreement, we will contact you for permission before authorizing the work. Some owners request a specific vendor because they are familiar with the home. We make every effort to accommodate these requests but cannot guarantee it.

Once the work is complete, we pay the vendor from any funds collected on your behalf. A copy of the vendor invoice is published to your portal for review and can be printed or saved to your computer. If your account does not have sufficient funds available to pay an invoice, we will contact you to either pay the vendor directly or make a contribution to your account. Contributions can be made via the Owner portal using a checking or savings account.

Our agreement is to pay Owners no later than the 15th of the month in which rent is collected. Your funds are transferred to your account electronically and a monthly statement is published to your online Portal for review. However, we are not able to pay you if a Tenant pays late, you experience a vacancy, or if your expenditures exceed your income. We recommend Owners maintain 3-6 months of funds as a reserve to handle your mortgage, taxes, insurance, and other costs when income is low.

Owner statements are published after your payment is made for the month. The statement shows a summary page with totals for income and expenses, followed by a detailed report of everything coming in and going out. If you have multiple properties, the summary page includes your entire portfolio, followed by a detailed report for each property. These reports are published to the Owner portal and available to view, print, or save any time.

We also provide a year-end report detailing your performance for the calendar year, as well as an IRS Form 1099 to be used with your tax filing.

We encourage owners to allow pets in their rentals. Most pet owners are good tenants, willing to pay more and stay longer to have a quality, pet-friendly home. And we’ve seen more property damage caused by misbehaving people than pets!

I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories about pets destroying a home, but don’t people do the same thing? The key is finding a way to mitigate your risk. We’ve done it with humans and we can do it with pets, as well. We start by limiting what is acceptable in your rental. This may be a limitation on the type (dog, cat, horse, etc.), the breed (Chihuahau vs. German Shepherd), and the number of pets allowed. When an applicant applies for your rental, we require them to complete a Pet Application and attach a picture of each animal to ensure the “mid-sized Terrier” isn’t actually a 100-pound Pit Bull. If approved, we charge an increased rent and/or deposit.

View our Pet Application and Pet Policy for more details.

The best inspections take place before a Tenant moves in and after they move out. We document these inspections with photographs and/or video so there is no argument over the condition of the rental. Since starting video move-out inspections in 2015, appeals for Tenant charges are almost non-existent because the Tenant knows we have the evidence to prove our position.

We don’t normally conduct inspections during Tenancy until the final ¼ of the lease when Tenants are deciding to renew of move out. If they are moving out, we want to pre-inspect to verify the condition of the home and project potential turn-over work. By scheduling this ahead of time we cut down on the length of vacancy and your lost rent income. If the Tenant is opting to renew for an additional year, we inspect to ensure they are taking good care of the rental and that we want them to stay. This provides an opportunity to find little maintenance needs that Tenants don’t bother to report, like a dripping faucet.

We also conduct inspections any time a Tenant is causing problems in other ways. If a Tenant is getting behind on rent, receiving noise complaints from the neighbors, or if we drive by and notice the lawn is not being cared for, then there is a chance they are neglecting the interior of the home, as well. We give them notice of an inspection and then give them a chance to rectify any problems found or face eviction.

We maintain security deposits in a trust account and never distribute them to the Owner. This provides a level of protection for all parties involved and ensures compliance with the law. This also keeps the funds readily available so we can apply them towards unpaid charges, cleaning or repairs after the Tenant moves out. If you ever cancel our management services, the deposit will be transferred to you along with the Tenant records.

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