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Emotional Support Animal Fraud and HB0114

SERVICE ANIMAL FRAUD Service animals have been in the news a lot lately. More and more people are getting "emotional support animals" that help them cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental ailments. This program has merit and I personally know people that have been helped by a support animal. Unfortunately, the standards are [...]

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How To Transfer Property Management

Some people just aren't cut out to manage rentals. They get tired of chasing late rent, tenants that complain about everything, or the knee-high lawn. Maybe they've changed jobs and are unavailable to handle maintenance or track down a rent payment. Other times, a Landlord hires a Property Manager that's not doing the job well. Whether your are [...]

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2017 Predictions

As many may already know, one of Wyoming's greatest sources of revenue is the energy industry which took a major hit in 2015. We were locally impacted as field workers Roughnecks on a drilling rig in Greely, CO use metal tongs weighing hundreds of pounds to make connections between 30’ sections of drill pipe. left [...]

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Investing in Real Estate

Why Invest in Real Estate? When all factors are considered, there is no better investment than real estate! Here are just a few of the reasons: Control. When you purchase stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, or your company 401K plan, you put money into it but you can't do anything tangible to affect the growth [...]

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How to document rental condition

If it's not in writing, it doesn't exist! If you want to protect your rental property, you must keep strong documentation. How should you do that? You could use a printed checklist. This is a simple way to walk through the rental, with or without the tenant, and document what you find. Here's a sample: [...]

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Bad, bad tenants!

You've heard horror stories about bad tenants. Here's mine...sort of. I bought my company in 2010 with an existing portfolio of about 115 rental units. Most of them are located in Cody and were easy to visit and even inspect. Others were located 30 miles away, including the subject home. I quickly learned the previous [...]

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