As a Property Manager in Cody Wyoming, dealing with maintenance issues is an every-day part of life!


We manage a rental home in Cody Wyoming with a walk-out basement. Last year we had an issue with water seeping into one of the bedroom. There was a gutter downspout right at that corner that we suspected was the culprit. We added an extension to the downspout so the water would drain eight feet away from the house. Problem solved. Or so we thought!

We were hit with unusually heavy snowfall in December and January and it’s just now starting to melt. All that excess water is seeping into the basement again. We studied the landscaping and realized there is a negative drainage toward the home, causing water to run toward the house. Although it has only happened twice, the owner has spent a lot of money to dry out the basement and prevent mold or further damage. We needed to find a permanent solution.


After talking to some contractors and the owner, we all agreed a French Drain is the best solution. We will dig up the landscaping and expose the foundation wall. We’ll add a membrane moisture barrier to block any water from reaching the foundation wall. Then we’ll add a french drain.

The french drain is a drainage pipe, surrounded by a layer of gravel or rock. The water seeps through the rock and into holes cut into the drain pipe. Once the water is trapped in the pipe, it channels away from the home. It’s a simple solution, but not cheap. To add the water barrier and the french drain on a 20-foot wall is going to cost about $2,500. But it will save the owner from future water damage in the home which has nearly cost that much in the past five years!

If you have water getting into your basement, don’t panic! Water damage can easily cost thousands to repair and could create bigger problems if allowed to persist (mold!), but there is always a solution.

Talk to an expert and figure out how to fix it now before it becomes a bigger issue.

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